In Tolerance maintains a strong commitment to both its staff and customers. As a result, our company has over one-half of its employees with at least 20 years of experience.

Senior Leadership Longevity

Our expert and steadfast management team consisting of our President and General Manager have lead In Tolerance for the past 30 years.


Robert Becker


Robert takes immense pride in both the continuity and constant improvement that have become hallmarks of In Tolerance's culture. It was the teamwork at In Tolerance that inspired Robert to become a part of its success over 30 years ago. In 1988, he did just that and established In Tolerance as an independent, world-class manufacturer with big company capabilities and small business service.

Robert first fell in love with machining in high school shop class and he's still always fixing something around the house. That's one of the reasons he doesn't like watching sports, even though it's risky to admit. He'd just much rather be doing something. If it's a sunny summer day you won't find Robert playing on Facebook, he's probably cruising down a trail on his custom bicycle (admittedly with his music a little too loud).

John Renning.jpg

John Renning

Chief Operating Officer

John joined In Tolerance in 2014 as the Process Engineering Manager after 6 years of managing the China Avionics Program at Rockwell Collins and 2 years as the Director of Programs at Pearson. In 2016, John worked alongside Jack and transitioned to COO as In Tolerance prepares to enter its next chapter.

It was John's 13 years as a Naval Aviator that led him into the world of aerospace manufacturing. Naval Aviator is just a fancy way of saying that John did the same thing Tom Cruise did in Top Gun, even landing a plane after a midair collision. Now, John's thrills mostly come from watching his three kids compete in sports, but he has still found the time to do multiple Boston Marathons and three consecutive 55km Birkebeiner Ski Races.


Jack Hardin

Managing Director of Sales

Jack teamed up with Robert in 1992, boasting manufacturing experience that went back to his time as a combat engineer in the Army and management experience that spanned assignments in England, Japan and, of course, Cedar Rapids. Jack's relationship-based approach to business has become a foundational principle of In Tolerance's business, bolstering the dedication to delivering customer-focused service.

If you need help with something, Jack's your guy. And if you're looking for something yummy, ask Jack to grab a dozen cookies from his wife's bakery.


Jeff Kramer

Production Manager

As the production manager, Jeff teaches the next generation of machinists at In Tolerance. For over 27 years, he's served in a variety of positions and that experience as an expert machinist helps him and his team navigate the many challenges of the production environment. Still though, there's nothing that tops the adoption of Jeff's two boys and spending time with his family.


Tammy Baker

Quality Manager

With 25 years of experience and a mean white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, Tammy leads In Tolerance's team of quality inspectors and programmers. She started working in manufacturing as a quality inspector in college, eventually progressing to management while continuing to address and eliminate problems. At home, Tammy leads a team of three, with two kids and a new Harley in the garage.


Jerad Boots


Jerad started at In Tolerance in 1996, fresh out of college, and spent most of that time as a CNC machinist. These days, he's ensuring fast turnaround and accurate quotes for customers, but that prior experience allows Jerad to provide invaluable insight on part manufacturability and other design-to-cost parameters. It's good practice for the geometry homework he helps his three kids with at home.


Dave Alger

Purchasing Agent

Much like his stint at Dairy Queen in the 10th grade, Dave came to In Tolerance and performed a variety of roles – quality, special processing, CNC milling – before landing in the purchasing department. Even when he's off the clock, Dave's such a natural that he has a habit of buying stuff without telling his wife. Just don't tell her because he hasn't told her yet, either.


Krystal Lnenicka

Customer Account Manager

Krystal came to In Tolerance looking for a new challenge and continues to use her 15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry to ensure that customers receive everything they need every step of the way. Although she's usually warm and receptive, if Krystal walks into a karaoke bar, watch out. She'll calmly sit back and scout the competition before belting out some Janis Joplin.

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The In Tolerance focus is on innovation as delivered to and perceived by our customer; achieved as a result of constant improvement to our internal processes.

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