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The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) was implemented in 1990 as part of an unprecedented effort to establish elevated quality standards throughout the aerospace and defense industries. Leaders in the global aerospace industry and technical experts from the United States government work together to define operational program requirements and approve suppliers. The Nadcap assessment is a proactive measure for companies that benefits their customers by guaranteeing proficiency and centralizing risk management with accredited suppliers.

In Tolerance complies with these rigorous accreditation standards and all of our Nadcap-accredited special processes have been evaluated by a Performance Review Institute auditor.

Chromium Conversion & Passivation


In Tolerance supports in-house chromium conversion and passivation that meets Nadcap requirements. Our newly-renovated special processing lab features the following improvements:

  • Custom Tanks: Each of our large tanks is individually plumped per unique requirements. This provides a better quality product via lot uniformity, decreases lead times by significantly reducing batch processing times and is also environmentally friendly.
  • Overhead Track System: The overhead track and pneumatic lift system have improved our ergonomic work environment, allowing us to safely handle more tight tolerance parts while maintaining part integrity.
  • Constant Agitation: The aeration pumps help to uniformly distribute temperature and provide high-quality part coating.
  • Digital Temperature Controls: By digitally controlling and monitoring the temperature throughout the process, we are able to hold temperatures within a degree of the target and reduce process variation.

Salt Spray Testing


We maintain our own salt spray testing, which allows us to test product panels per Nadcap requirements and ensure that we always meet our own stringent corrosion-resistance standards. We also support requests for any other test panel certifications.

Our in-house testing eliminates the need to ship panels to remote facilities and greatly reduces both cost and turnaround time.

Wet Paint

With experienced painters and a dedicated paint room, In Tolerance is able to provide Nadcap-certified wet paint finishing. Completing the finishing process in-house ensures the quality of the coating application and makes delivery efforts more efficient on parts that require wet paint finishing.

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