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In Tolerance's in-house assembly capabilities eliminate inefficiencies and reduce delivery lead times. We can also aggregate parts into kits.


Put the finishing touches on your parts with our silkscreen printing. Simply provide us with the necessary design files and specifications, and we will take care of the rest.

Silkscreen printing transfers ink onto a substrate through a screen and produces a precisely located and clear image. Other benefits include:

  • Multiple Colors
  • UV-Resistant Ink
  • In-House Adhesion Testing


Part Marking

With our Videojet 1520 Industrial Printer, we mark parts in-house and reduce delivery lead times by eliminating the need to outsource part marking services.

Prototype Support

In Tolerance's experienced CNC Machinist and Quality Inspection staff can quickly turn-around prototype quotations and subsequently support the speedy manufacturing of your engineering prototype runs.

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To provide customer satisfaction. This is the principle that drives our success.

We believe that through quality manufacturing, on-time deliveries and cost effectiveness - our customers will grow and be a source of our growth.

The In Tolerance focus is on innovation as delivered to and perceived by our customer; achieved as a result of constant improvement to our internal processes.

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